Vick ‘em… Good fun or bad taste? Red Raiders take a shot at A&M

A&M makes legend of BBQing Bevo, hell they branded the longhorn’s name… Texas Tech makes a mascot JOKE at the A&M mascot Reveille. now everyone in college station seems to have icy-hot where the sun don’t shine. good fun or crossing the line? i’m saying its good fun with edgy humor (but then i’m a guy that enjoys offensive jokes in mixed company).


6 Responses

  1. That’s just funny. It’s wrong but funny. LOL that’s what they get for having Lassie for a mascot.

  2. BBQ Bevo, hung Lassie.. its all the samething.. I think this is more of a timing issue.. Had this been a few years down the line.. it might not be such a big deal..

  3. Had this been before Vick’s arrest it wouldn’t have made sense.

  4. but if it were before the vick arrest, it would be extra confusion humor… either way, we need more ron mexico humor… its not quite old yet.

  5. How did “before Vick got arrested” come into play.. well no shit it wouldnt have made sense.. *shakes head* Im saying The Vick Case is still fresh.. like an open wound that has not started the healing process.. If it had been done a few years down the road.. it might not be such the issue it is now.. Work with me people!!!

  6. LOL I was working both ends of the timing issue. The “before” is funnier than the after.

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