Rockets “World Wide Winners”


The rockets are more international this year than they were a year ago. With centers Yao Ming of China and Dikembe Mutombo from Africa they’ve added a PF from Argentina. Few people have heard of Luis Scola. But for those of you who haven’t he was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs back in 2002 in the 2nd round. Fortunately enough for the rockets, they were unable to sign him. They were shopping his contract around and finally took the Rockets up on their offer. The Rockets also bought his Argentina Team contract out so he could be a Rocket sooner rather than later. 

Scola is a PF who can pass, shoot and crash the boards. If you’re still wondering who he is, he just won the MVP for the Summer Olympic Qualifying rounds. He’s from Argentina and a big man who can move. He looks like a love child of Dirk and Nash and plays that way. The Rockets are slowly moving up the ranks of the west and with this addition could solidify them as a Western Conference power house within 2 to 3 years.

*Submitted by Steve “Ren” Quintana


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