Running The Perfect Storm.

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The only game on tap last night for the NHL was Hurricanes against Maple leafs. The Carolina Hurricanes were simply unbeatable last night, especially against those Toronto Maple Leafs. It looked like after losing to Washington last game, the Hurricanes came out wit a lil chip on their shoulder. Unfortunately for the Maple Leafs they had to be the team in the way for this abuse. The pucks were being fired at will at Toskala. It was not one man who was the man that night, as the final score was 7-1. Yes the beating was 7-1, you would think certainly one man scored at least 2 or maybe a hat trick. No way 7 yes count ’em 7 different players scored for the Hurricanes. Toronto looked pleased scoring first in the first period needless to say that would be it. Carolina would then answer with their 7 unaswered goals. Cam Ward had few good shots but after the Hurricane went up by 4 points it was a pretty easy rest of the night for him. Now thats a BLOWOUT !!!!


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