Texas Rangers take another loss, even after the season is over.

Gregg Elkins, Senior Director of Media Relations for the Texas Rangers, was fired today (by Jim Sundberg). Only 1 week and 1 day since the end of the year press confrence. From Unfair Park:

“He just walked in and said, ‘See ya later,’’’ Elkin tells Unfair Park. “He told me that Mr. Hicks was giving him a great opportunity and that I no longer fit the team’s vision, whatever that means.” Elkin said owner Tom Hicks later sent him an e-mail, but basically he was abruptly shown the door without warning — or a good reason.
It was Elkin’s job, remember, to positively promote through the media a Rangers team that has finished third or worse in a four-team division for seven consecutive seasons.
Elkin, who spent four years in the same capacity for Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks, remained helpful and hopeful despite the cascading losses. For example, he cheerfully aided me in sit-down interviews with Sammy Sosa and general manager Jon Daniels this past season. Despite spending today looking for employment, he said he has no hard feeling about his four years in Arlington.
“I enjoyed my time there, and I wish them nothing but the best,” he says. “I think JD has them on the right track. It’s going to take some time, but they’re headed in the right direction.”

what a tough job. making good with the media covering a habitually terrible team, with an cheap owner that takes any criticism quite personally. For the most part, the local media has pretty much covered that team with a baby blanket. when the rangers are average then the media went nuts about how great they are… when they suck, they were ignored instead of scolded… instead of a game recap titled “Last Place Rangers Terrible in Another Loss”, other titles appear like “Rangers Youth Shows Promise.” very different than the treatment the cowboys get.

I really like the idea of failure is unacceptable with the rangers. that apparently only applies to anyone that can’t hypnotize the masses into being interested in, what quite possibly could be, the worst team historically in any professional sport (only other team i can think of, that has been as terrible for as long is the arizona cardinals).

EDIT: Clarifying who did the actual firing.


3 Responses

  1. The Rangers are 2 years away.. problem is they say 2 years away from being a good team!!! Newsflash Hicks.. if you want to win.. you actually have to break open that wallet and pay some people.. Im wondering if he does not want to pay big money because of Arod??

  2. 2 years away was 5 years ago when they got Strayrod. This year they traded the yellow rose of Texiera. Even the marlins can make it to the WS and even they win it after having a fire sale. Maybe Hicks should hire their GM, have a fire sale and then they can actually be 2 years away.

  3. elkin used to be a nice guy. “used” to be is the key word in that sentence. No one deserves to be fired but he was a flat out jerk to many members of the Dallas media. Represent the company and the product in a positive manner. Good move by the Rangers.

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