The Skys the Limit

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Need some fun and your in Dallas, well try this. Theres a few days left. So ya’ll stop on in and say Howdy to our good friend Big Tex.

 The Sky’s the Limit! is the theme for the 2007 State Fair of Texas, Sept. 28 – Oct. 21. The State Fair Auto Show, livestock shows, a dancing dogs revue, cooking contests, music stages, and college football add up to serious fun for the 24-day expo. Details at


7 Responses

  1. Big Tex is going gangster on us this year in his Dickie gear!

  2. hey hey hey the shirt is buttoned all the way up and not just the top. LOL

  3. Ah you have to love Big Tex.. 50FT Redneck right in the heart of the Ghetto!!! 😉

  4. this is for the RAZA, 😉

  5. LOL this was used to help recruit more hispanics to Texas and OU. These are the free clothes with the scholarships.

  6. Tex just doesn’t look right. :/

  7. whats wrong with the way Tex looks?

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