Wow David Carr must feel shitty !!! LOL

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Well with Jake Delhomme going out for the season with surgery, it looked like David Carr was next to step up and lose games, lol. no really. Carr was backup and slated as the new starter, but apparently the panthers just said Hell NO!!! With a passing physical there will be a new starting QB in practice today. Vinny Testaverde. Yes you heard right. The aged QB just seems not able to stay away. Why Vinnie why. Man I know if I was Carr I would hang my head in shame getting replaced by a dinosuar.


5 Responses

  1. WOW!! You have got to be kidding me??? I will not pick Carolina to win a damn game the rest of the season!!! lol

  2. i know how you feel brother

  3. I will pick Carolina to beat Joey Harrington any year they have a player locked up for murder because they could scare that white boy just by telling him that he can dissappear.

  4. Ok, Ill give you that one.. Id pick Carolina in that situation.. David Carr came into the league with the talent level to be a backup.. he will leave the league as a backup.. The ultimate team QB roster would be

    David Car – Backup
    Rex Grossman – Backup
    Jay Cutler – Backup in the making!

    Oh wait.. The Bears have a backup QB roster already!!!

    *Sorry Sean*

  5. Yeah, but it’s not as good as Miami’s. I’m surprised Bledsoe isn’t signed with them already.

    Trent Green went from a back up in Washington to a back-up in ST. Louis and then got the starting job in KC and got great with Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson but no one really looking at the worst passing offense in the league to Miami.

    Now Miami’s passing game is one he can be proud of. Pass right, incomplete, pass left incomplete, pass over the middle intersepted, pass out.

    LOL now that’s funny!

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