Show Me The Money!


Lloyd Lake, co founder of  New Era Sports & Entertainment will provide financial documents proving Reggie Bush received money and benefits during his time with USC… WOW! There’s a shock.. A high profile athlete at a major university getting paid!! Reggie is no different then any other high profile college athlete.. hell even lesser athletes are getting paid.. Remember


Rhett Bomar? Getting paid from a local car dealership, only problem is he never worked at the dealership! Remember Adrian Petterson’s  Lexus?? Players being paid, or getting benefits because of what they do on a football field happens all the time.. You can’t tell me Vince Young and Matt Leinart didn’t receive anything while they were in school.. Anyone notice the rock filled bracelet Vince was wearing on draft day?? Chances are if your a high profile player.. you have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes before draft day.. Problem with Bush is he might have gotten caught.. this is the second time in a year that these allegations have come up, from the same company.. Bush probably could have saved himself alot of troubles, had he just signed New Era Sports & Entertainment, if in-fact there was an agreement in play, and this company did anything for him or his family.. If Bush is found in violation.. he could forfeit his Heisman.. USC could forfeit some wins.. and Pete Carrolland his staff could be in trouble if they knew about what was going on.. Which you know they did.. will they say they didn’t?? ABSOLUTELY!!! Just like if ask Mack would lie about Ricky Williams being on the Texas Rangers payroll while enrolled at Texas.. I could not find the article.. Ill ask Liverdamage to find it.. So I can link the article as well!!

Bush/New Era


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  1. I don’t doubt that players are receiving the goods (although less than they used to) but your point on Vince Young is misguided. Vince had declared his pro status and hired an agent. Agents often make up front loans to their clients until draft day, which are then more then paid for when the contract is signed. It is also pretty descent collateral to loan on and the big names (i.e. Vince Young) already have endorsements money. Having bling on draft day is quite legal.

  2. Hey I am known as Superfan #10.. I was merely using Vince as an example.. and I do believe at the time of the draft, he had hired his Uncle has his agent.. He wanted to hire people from his family.. people he could trust.. I don’t doubt the fact that he had money waiting on him, but I brought him up because at the time.. he was one of the biggest names out there.. big name athletes get things along the way.. 🙂

  3. […] 80. Reggie Bush received money.  Back in October, Lloyd Lake was in the process of bringing forward evidence showing that Reggie Bush had received money and benefits during his time in college.  I know…a college superstar receiving gifts while in college. I was shocked too. (via Ick’s Corner) […]

  4. […] honored to have made this list. Thank you Emmett.. Not only for including my article “Show Me The Money” but for taking the time to put together such an in depth […]

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  9. […] Show Me The Money (Reggie Bush Vs New Era Sports. Actually written on my birthday in 07) […]

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