So You Say Its Your Birthday !!!!

Big Props Go Out To Jason/Ick. You survived another year brother, here’s to surviving many more. So don’t party to hard but hope you at least have a drink tonight, you old ‘coot. ‘Cause don’t forget you still gotta write tomorrow. LOL

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22 Responses

  1. happy b-day you old bastard. i hope that gay song gets you through the night, lol.

  2. hell you try looking for a good video you damn beaner, lol. at least i tried to do something to comemmerate the occasion. darn all you haters. LOL. Happy birthday any way carnale. Vatos Locos forever. you member.

  3. like that time in the old school at the gas station or in the camaro at that guys door? ju member, ju member.

  4. Ah memories of a freshly trenched yard!!!

  5. I’m not exactly sure what that means but it could have been fun.

  6. happy thingy!!!! see ya soon

  7. oh come on Steve.. you member! Backing up to someones door.. me getting out and ringing the doorbell.. then leaving tire tracks from the door to the street! you member!

  8. lol i looks like brother steve is suffering from sometimers. you know he only remebers shit some times. LMAO. hell i remember the story and i wasnt even there. hmmmm

  9. Happy Birthday! 😉

  10. Gad zooks! YOU are getting OLD!

    heh heh heh

  11. I do not recall anything of that sort that would put me into the drivers seat of any vehicle in any neighborhood in houstons southwest region that i will claim to have been a part of.

    damn, i do miss your sling shot.

  12. *looks around* What slingshot??

  13. Damn.. I heard the stories and I wasn’t there either… of course that was a looooong time ago… back then they were trenching with covered wagons 🙂

  14. Damn.. 1000 starving comedians in the world.. and we have one among us!! *shakes head*

  15. Just knows how to make a brotha feel old. The hard part was getten babe the blue ox rigged up to the tillin waggin and j-dog ringing that dinner bell on the porch and gettin back on the waggin.

  16. (taking bows.. thank you to all the little people who made my comedy career a possibility) cough cough… for some reason i just got this mental image of little house on the prairie… and Steve in a bonnet…. (shakes head vigorously to remove image) *Shudder*

  17. Dont forget the wild animals chasin me.. along with the indians thinking we were cowboys! 🙂

  18. I thought the wild animals chasing you were on your way to school and back?? in the snow… 5 miles…. up hill both ways?

  19. and on a STICK

  20. while holding his breath because of the toxic elements in the air.

  21. I thought he produced the toxic elements in the air?? ( doing blonde innocent look)

  22. ROFLMAO!!! U member.. “On a Stiiiiiiiick!”

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