NHL Upset #2

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So after Nashville lost to St. Louis earlier this week, you would hope for a big rebound game. Especially when you consider last nights opponent, Gretzky’s Phoenix Coyotes.

Has the Preds Burned out and wasted all their goals too soon, or is it that the bad teams seem to be their kryptonite. After being deflated by the Blues 4-1, The Coyotes rolled in and kept that shame in full tact.

Both teams were coming off losses Wednesday night. The Predators lost 4-1 in St. Louis, while the Coyotes fell 3-0 in Columbus.

“The one good thing about back-to-back games is that always after a loss, you get a chance to get right back out there and play hard,” Morris said. “They came at us hard, it could have gone the other way, but we came out on the right end tonight.”

Sidenotes: With an assist on Morris’ first-period goal, Niko Kapanen recorded his 100th career NHL point. The victory for Phoenix was their first in Nashville since October 22 of 2002.


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