Just when we thought it was only a fart…

just when we thought it was only going to be a fart… the shits about to hit the fan

Well, it appears that way at least…the Mitchell Report is wrapping up after 18 months, and apparently the court of public opinion is going to be the punishment phase…. they’re gonna name names!  big names, shocking names (i wouldn’t be suprised if they all were juiced down to the ballboys personally).  Bonds may be the face of steroids and human growth hormones, but the mlb is about as dirty as richard nixon when it comes to uppers, steroids and growth homones… we’re gonna see it now.  Anyone care to guess who is going to be named?


4 Responses

  1. off the top of my head, odds on the big names that have never been accused of anything:

    Clemens: 20%
    A-Rod: 25%
    David Ortiz: 35%
    Johnny Damon: 25%
    Vlad Guerrero: 45%
    Mark Texeria: 35%
    David Wells: 1% (just look at the dude)
    Alfonso Soriano: 45%

  2. Unless I am missing something.. Clemens has been accused using steroids..

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  4. My Guess on a few Names….

    Roger Clemens
    Bobby Abreu (I Have heard from very relaible sources he is a MAJOR user)
    Eric Gagne
    Scott Rolen
    Barry Bonds (DUH)
    Pat Burrell
    David Ortiz
    Jeff Bagwell (Even though retired)
    Chipper Jones

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