The Ticket comes up big…

the stick in the ass boston media apparently doesn’t think anything is funny. “1920’s reporter guy” does his thing and our local residents are being called hicks… good P1s to the rescue… read this for a good laugh

I’ll post the youtube of it whenever i find it. SPORTS!!!!

EDIT: found it


One Response

  1. 1920’s reporter guy is pure greatness! Being a faithful P1 of the little ticket I have heard most all 1920’s reporter guys bits.. From Peyton Manning, who was a prick about it.. to Roger Clemens who was pretty cool about it! While listening to “Why today doesnt suck” Bob was reading one of the websites that blasted 1920’s reporter guy.. saying “people wonder why us serious sports reporters are often refered to as bafoons! *shakes head* Its a bit.. and a very good bit.. unlike Mr Cornheiser!

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