VIP Connection!!


So unless you live under a rock.. You have heard about the scandal that surrounds Coach Fran up in Aggieland.. Coach Fran has brought shame to this organization with his VIP Email scandal.. I would like to hope that people remember that, before they make comments against A&M.. This in no way shape or form should reflect the A&M organization.. The actions of Coach Fran are his own, funds made by his website went straight into his pockets, and not to the organization.. If you have ever found yourself wondering what a $1200 email looks like? Wonder no more.. Have a look for yourself.. *Sidenote* A&M is currently looking at a buyout option on Coach Fran’s contract as I write this..

Emails and Other Interesting Info


5 Responses

  1. all i can say is HOLY COW !!!!! Scoop that will be tough to beat. good work sir, and your lil co-ops team. LOL

  2. Thank you sir 🙂

  3. It proves the old saying that a fool and his money soon parts. And there will always be Aggies. Unfortunately.

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