The Return of Holmes?


Its been 2 years since Priest has played.. after suffering a neck injury at the hands of the Manbeast Shawne Merriman.. With Michael Bennett being traded to Tampa Bay for a couple of draft picks.. Could we see the 1 – 2 Punch of Johnson and Holmes.. Ya know.. I might have been worried about that combination a few years ago.. I’m not questioning Holmes ability.. My only question with him is “Can he stay healthy” and history says no.. he can’t.. Would I like to see Priest come back and play.. Absolutely!! Do I think he will be a help to the run game in Kansas City? No I don’t.. How many 34 year old running backs, with knees like a 80 year old, do you know that can be effective in this bigger, faster, and stronger league?? I guess we shall see come Sunday if we have a Priest Holmes sighting!!

The Return of Holmes?


6 Responses

  1. I’m glad Holmes is back. He was one of my favorite running backs. Maybe his return will inspire the team to play better.

  2. Being a former Longhorn Great.. you know I have a place in my heart for Priest.. Just worried that he is gonna really hurt himself..

  3. I’m glad to see him back too. But Like you said in your post…I’m definitely worried about his durability. But, on the other hand, they do need to keep Larry Johnson from carrying the ball 400 times again this year

  4. I agree Emmett.. The Chiefs do need to prevent Larry Johnson from carrying the ball so much.. course when your passing game leaves something to be desired.. your options are limited!! 🙂

  5. Please stop the hate. The man will end up on everyones fantasy league team in 2 weeks. He is doing things in practice that would make your head spin. By the way he is getting hit very very hard in practice. Herm said it himself that Priest takes a lickin and keeps on tickin.

  6. Johnnie I don’t think if we all said we would love to see Priest come back and play.. we are hating on him.. We all share the same concerns about him staying healthy.. thats it! We have had this discussion many a time in my office!!!

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