Beatdown In Bean Town!


As I sat watching Game One of the World Series.. with the sound muted I might add.. to avoid what was surely going to be a beating by the announce team.. With the “Feel Good” story of the baseball season.. also I was in a heated battle of Tiger Woods on the PS3 with the Hockey Guru, on the big screen..  I couldn’t help but be amazed yet again by Josh Beckett.. All I can say is Josh Beckett is money!! He shows no emotion on the mound.. Stone cold assassin with a baseball! Its almost like he could care if he was out there or not.. Let me strike these chumps out.. so I can go back to the dugout.. If I’m the Rockies.. I have to wonder a couple of things..

1. Are we outmatched in our first World Series appearance?? Answer.. Absolutely! The Rockies do not have the bats to compete with the Red Soxs.. and its only obvious the bullpen leaves something to be desired!

2. Do we want to see Josh Beckett again? Answer… NO! We don’t even want to see Curt Schilling.. but we kinda don’t have a choice, as we face him tonight.. 

3. Is this series over if we loose tonight? Answer.. This series was over before it started!

I just don’t see how the Rockies can beat Boston.. The only saving grace they have is when the series moves to Colorado.. and Big Papi is not in the DH spot.. 

*Sidenote* I’m wondering if it will be safe to turn my sound back on tonight..

Boston Beatdown

2 Responses

  1. Now that game 2 is in the books, looks like this series is over, unfortunately…It would have been interesting to see what happened if the Rockies would not have had such a long layoff. I think they would have kept some of their “streak magic” had they not had to wait 8 days to start this series against the Sox.

  2. Yeah it seems that down the stretch in the post season.. the Rockies were just smokin hot! The layoff does play a small role in it.. but I still stand behind my original statement in my post.. The Rockies are just outmatched!! Had the Indians been able to bump off the Soxs.. Then it would have been alot more even World Series!!!

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