Congrats Redsox…

Congrats Red Sox… they were unquestionably the best team in the league.  Have a championship beer for those of us Rangers fans that have 1 playoff win in their 35 year history… we’re not jealous, seriously, we don’t know what its like to have a .500 team round these parts.  Please keep your score boarding to the Yankees fans that deserve it, and not the rest of the baseball world that doesn’t.

In other baseball news, A-Rod opts out of his contract. The baseball antichrist is wanting to get him 12 years @ 30 million per.  This refunds the Rangers 21 million on A-Rod’s last contract for Tom Hicks to not use on his team.  As a repercussion the Yankees are out of the bidding… so now the question: Are the Red Sox interested? highly doubtful.  So now there are 5 big money teams that are in the A-Rod bidding (Cubs, Angels, Giants, Mets, and Dodgers).  Cubs won’t pay him (being for sale and all), Angels are apparently backing down… down to 3 teams that MIGHT be interested and can afford him.  Theres next to no leverage Boras can use here.  If A-Rod gets 3/4th of the $ they are asking for, then Boras might be the single greatest salesman of all time.

So we know 6 things will remain true at least until the Winter Meetings:

  1. The Red Sox rule all.  They are stable financially and talent wise.
  2. The Yankees are completely lost and have no identifiable direction.  Not rebuilding, not reloading.
  3. The Angels are in great shape, and might be the only real competition for the Sox next year.
  4. Tom Hicks is pocketing a lot of money and won’t do anything to improve his team… Its OUR fault though! we don’t sell out every game for a shitty team that plays in the middle of nowhere. (Side note: DOWNTOWN STADIUMS RULE!  Fuck Laura Miller… Dallas peeps know wtf I’m talking about)
  5. The NL sucks.
  6. A-Rod is gonna be disappointed in his next contract.

6 Responses

  1. I’ve heard/wrote that the Rangers might actually be front runners, along with the Angels, for signing A-Rod to his new $300 million dollar deal. Even after your #4 point. Would you guys down there want A-Rod back? I don’t really know how all the texas people felt about him once he left

  2. I think he may get close to what he is asking, and I think it will be the Red Sox that give it to him. Lowell ends up in New York where he started his career, and the Yankess are better off. A-Rod may be the most talented player in the bigs, but every team he has played for has been a loser in the long run. And every team he leaves ends up with a great year following his departure…and in the yankees case that may mean another trophy, although Girardi is the wrong guy to lead them.

    The Cubs are an interesting choice because they would allow him to move back to Shortstop. As a Brewers fan I am torn as to whether or not I want that. He would make their offense so loaded no team could pitch to them, but at the same time, factor in the Cubs are the Cubs, and the fact that Rodriguez can’t win anything, it could be the perfect storm of disappointment and failed expectations.

  3. The A-Rod thing went down weird, you’d really have to be here in Texas to explain it (but I’ll try my best).

    Tom Hicks “says” he lost money on that deal (short term losses neglecting a huge TV contract he got as a result of having A-Rod, in reality he was in the black). D-Magazine reported he really lost a bunch of money in other business ventures in that time period. It wasn’t hard to figure out he took money from his left pocket and put it in his right pocket.

    Anyways, 1 year before all this hit the fan, the local puppets at the DMN started spewing stories left and right about how terrible A-Rod was and his “anti-clutchness.” (That is where that mystique came from… his clutch numbers really aren’t bad, but when you’re looking for it…) Most all the fans eventually started to believe it despite his greatness.

    Thats the way the Rangers roll these days… they overhype the smallest thing thats on their team, and when they don’t want to hand over the $, they do nothing but feed the local media negative stories about players. That way, Joe Q wants to run that bum out of town (instead of “Tom Hicks is a cheapskate”… watch for this to repeat when the incredibly average Hank Blalock comes up for free agency.)

    In reality, the Rangers sucked because of the other retard Boras deals… Chan Ho Park, Todd Van Poppel, etc. Tom Hicks now keeps the budget under 70 million and refuses to deal with Boras (won’t draft his clients, sign his free agents – unless run down 1 year deals ala Gagne).

    I liked A-Rod… he was awesome as a Ranger… the fans here hate him, Hicks won’t deal with Boras, A-Rod hates this place for the way he was treated…. there is ZERO chance of him coming back.

  4. my hso’s, in rapid succession on these topics are:

    1.) Laura Miller and the Dallas City Council really suck. This city needs a signature look and personality, and they are fucking it all up with tollroads and lost stadium deals.

    2.) If A-Rod comes here, he won’t like it, and neither will we. There’s no chance.

    3.) I would like to think that Tom Hicks actually cares about the Rangers and the Stars, but all he cares about are his pocketbooks. Both teams WILL suffer until that changes.

  5. Kelly IS the Texas Rangers most diehard fan… I’m not kidding either. Unless something is SERIOUSLY wrong, he watches a minimum of 1458 innings of them sucking. He’s like a masochist when it comes to the Rangers… he knows it is going to hurt, but he loves it!

    Armed with that information please take particular note of his #2 & #3.

  6. *Chimes In*

    1. Congrats the the Red Soxs!
    2. FUCK A-ROD! *oh did I say that outloud*?

    3. Fuck Laura Miller.. She is the antichrist of mayors!! We dont want to keep Texas/OU weekend here at the Cotton bowl, because it only brings us MILLIONS of dollars for that weekend!! We dont want to have the DALLAS COWBOYS! actually play in DALLAS!!

    4. A-ROD may be the best player in Baseball today.. but either his agent, or his timing suck! His departure from the Yankees was annoucned during the 4th inning of the WORLD SERIES! *shakes head*

    Just my H.S.O’s

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