Karma Is Coming!


*Disclaimer- The opinions expressed in this post are mine.. and mine only*

I think the spygate scandal pissed the Patriots off.. more importantly Bill Belichick.. One would think that Belichick is out to prove a point this season.. I guess Belichick took it personally when people thought his 3 Superbowl wins were tainted! I’m sorry, but I think the Patriots are showing exactly how much class they truly don’t have at this point. If your a coach.. and your up by 14 going into the forth quarter, and your playing a winless team.. Why not pull your QB, to ensure he doesn’t get hurt.. Oh wait.. Belichick did that last week against the Dolphins.. Only to put Brady right back in, after the back up throws an interception? Why? Why do you take a chance on your QB getting hurt? Yesterdays game against the Redskins made me sick to my stomach! I understand if you want to keep a team from running up the score on you, stop them! Yesterday the Redskins reminded me of a boxer that could no longer defend themselves.. and were waiting on the ref to stop the fight! The Redskins defense could do nothing to stop the Patriots! Another question I have is, why go for it on 4th and short when your up by 40+? After the game.. Belichick was asked.. why did he go for it, his response was “What were we supposed to do? Kick a field goal? YES! Act like you have some respect for the team your playing, and act like you have some class!

The media is talking about how great the Patriots are this season, thou its always followed by a “BUT” The Patriots are great, “BUT” why are they running up the score? The Patriots are great, “BUT” why is Belichick taking unnecessary risks with his starters? The Patriots are great “BUT” they haven’t played anyone this season, other then the Cowboys.. The Patriots are great “BUT” what are they going to do this Sunday against Peyton, and that Indy Defense.. Because we all know.. Tom Brady, is Bob Sanders bitch! Now I’m sure that I’m going to get blasted on by the fans of the Patriots.. I must remind myself to “Consider the source” As the Patriots fans are one tiny step above the Philadelphia fans!  All I can say… is Karma will be coming for the Patriots at some point this season..


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  1. The sports gods smite those who anger them…

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