Romo worth it?

October 28th

“Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell suited up for his first NFL game, listed as a third-stringer Sunday against Tennessee.”

“Russell held out for 48 days and is reportedly guaranteed a record $29 million in his six-year, $61 million deal. He would get an additional $3 million if he reaches minimal playing time incentives.”

October 29th

“The Cowboys have called a 1 p.m. (CDT) press conference Tuesday at Valley Ranch, where they’re expected to announce a new six-year, $67.5 million contract extension that will make Romo one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL. ”

If I remember correctly; Romo makes “just a few” million more than McNabb (pre-cap increase contract), Russell, Schabb, Eli, and Bulger. Only one I like better is Eli (stepping up BIG this year). So where does he rank in the league’s starting QBs? I’ll be putting together my personal QB rankings when I get some free time.


5 Responses

  1. Merely My H.S.O’s

    McNabb – Was worth the money when his contract was structured.. But has failed to stay healthy the last 2 seasons..

    Russell – We dont know, could be bust.. could be great.. We have not seen anything from him to make a educated decision one way or the other

    Schabb – Effective at times.. Better fit in Houston then David Carr

    Eli – 4th year QB that has finally showed up to play..

    Bulger – Signed massive deal in the preseason.. Showed guts playing with broken ribs.. St. Louis still has yet to win a game.. not all on him, but has not been as effective this year as previous years..

  2. Eli was good last year! Anyone who says this is his 1st good year didn’t watch the Giants last year…. hes much better this year than last year.

  3. He was good, I agree.. but he has taken that next step this year.. He has shown real leadership.. and has taken control of his team in the huddle

  4. Romo’s gonna need the money if he hangs with Britney and friends!!

  5. […] UPDATE: Looks like the guys over at Ick’s Corner have some similar thoughts on these contract issues.… […]

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