Have you seen me?


Missing – 1 Hockey Guru

Last seen October 18th, 2007

We need our Hockey news, scores, stats, and all that implies..

If you have seen the Hockey Guru.. Pick him up from whatever bar stool  you find him on, and point him in the direction of his computer..

Thank you in advance for you help 🙂


5 Responses

  1. modano is playing on the 4th line… he must have lost his mind, and now resides in some mental health facility where he is kept from anything nhl.

  2. Yeah apparently the Stars feel putting Modano on the 4th line will make him play better!!!

  3. we need to send a strong message to the ambassidor of hockey to our city… we’re not gonna take it anymore!!! being a model citizen, the best all time american born player in history, face of the franchise, and helping the redneck public get to know a new sport is something we just won’t stand for!

    *pitchfork & torch*

  4. Im still trying to understand how putting Modano on the 4th line with basically a couple of Dallas Stars Icegirls is going to make Modano play better.. but hey.. what do I know.. Im not Dave Tippen.. I do know this.. if the Stars continue this downward spiral.. Dave Tippen better get his resume ready!!!

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