Santana Possible Free Agent

If Santana ended up in Arlington.. Tom Hicks could count on Liverdamages money for every home game he pitched!!

Santana may be too pricy for Twins

The Twins have one of the most difficult decisions any team has had to make in many, many years. Johan Santana is, by most accounts, the best pitcher in the game. He has an incredible work ethic, so there’s no reason to think he won’t be among the best pitchers in the game for the next five years. He is a free agent after the 2008 season. The Twins are a small-market team, so chances are, they won’t be able to afford what Santana likely will be asking for: a minimum of $20 million a year, maybe closer to $25 million.

Johan Santana

SantanaStarting Pitcher
Minnesota Twins


33 15 13 52 235 3.33

So they have three options. First, they could keep him, put him atop what could be a terrific young rotation, and try to win the division and go deep into the playoffs with Santana, Francisco Liriano, Scott Baker, Matt Garza and Kevin Slowey. Second, they could start the season with him, and if it appears they’re not going to contend, they could trade him before the July 31 deadline. Third, they could try to get maximum value for him by trading him before the start of the season. That way, a team would have Santana for the entire 2008 season, and might be willing to give up more in return. He would, of course, be coveted by many teams, including the Mets and Yankees, but how many teams are prepared to give up three good, young players, and can afford a contract that might be worth around $150 million?

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