Goodbye Franchione…

Dennis Franchione is gone @ Texas A&M according to this.

Rebuilding again… already… seems just yesterday that A&M was “light years ahead of Texas winning a national championship.”

Although raised as a Longhorns fan, I can honestly say I’m happy for A&M and wish them a speedy rebuild… it really does suck they aren’t a credible team.  That team can’t complete a forward pass.  It is painfully bad to sit through.  It has literally has been years since I watched a whole A&M game that wasn’t played against Texas or Texas Tech… and thats just not right.  I want Texas to beat the Aggies sure, but not by beating up Midvale’s Football team .  Entertaining football > wins…

Heres to raising the level of play for the whole Big 12 South… cuz its terrible at the bottom, and pretty average at the top.  Go Aggies, Go Horns, Go Raiders, Go Sooners, Go Cowboys, Fuck Baylor (they shouldn’t be there in the 1st place).


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