Quick Hits From the Weekend..

Ok.. rather then putting a bunch of separate posts…. Lets just put them all together 🙂

Man amongst Boys??


Adrian Peterson.. 8 games into his NFL career already has over 1000 yards rushing!! My number one question about him coming out of college, was could he stay healthy? I must say.. Even thou he is a former Sooner,  he is quickly becoming an elite back in this league.. Yesterday he set the single game rushing record.. 30 carries for 296 Yards… Hopefully at some point they will get a passing game.. then the Vikings could really have something there..


Antonio Cromartie  has set the record for the longest play in NFL history.. 109 yard missed field goal return!!


 Jamal Lewis 4 rushing touchdowns in the Browns win…. The Cowboys first round draft pick from the Browns in next years draft keeps getting higher and higher.. Who would have thought.. the Browns 5-3??


Tom Brady and his Patriots rally to beat Indy late in the 4th quarter. *Sigh* Peyton the force was not strong with you.. Yesterday was the one and only time of the year, that I am a Colts fan.. I guess the only question left now is.. “Who will be the Patriots”? *Sidenote Peyton Manning still sits at 99 career wins*

0_61_owens_terrell.jpg  34539.jpg  images3.jpg

T.O. finally showed up!! 10 Catches 174 yards w/1 Touchdown… And the classic eagle flap in the endzone!! I think T.O. missed 2 catches maybe.. one overthrown, and one thrown behind him.. I was impressed with T.O. last night… Who could forget Jason Witten?? I couldn’t find a picture of him running down the field without his helmet… after that monster hit.. Now to our young Jedi..   20/25 for 324 yards with one interception.. Looked pretty sharp… Also the only QB this year to face the Eagles defense and not get sacked!! Hopefully the Cowboys go back to work quickly this week.. as they have a very very important.. and tough game next week when they travel up north to meet the NY Football Giants!


After yesterdays win in Kansas City… Brett Favre can now say.. “I have beaten all 31 other teams in the NFL” The Packers now find themselves sitting at 7-1..


Drew Brees torched Jacksonville’s defense, throwing for 445 yards.. and 3 touchdowns.. What impressed me even more then that.. The Saints defense… They held a  heavy run offense to 88 yards! Glad to see the Saints turning things around down there.. I’m sure the fans are happy to put away the paper sacks.. Well atleast for this week.. *Sidenote… Maurice Jones Drew had a 100 yard kick return for a touchdown in the game*.. Once of several kick returns around the league yesterday!


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