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Penguins Scouting Turco????

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Reports are out indicating that scouts from the Pittsburgh Penguins have been trailing the Dallas Stars recently.

With rumors out of Pittsburgh indicating the Penguins are in the market for a goalie, speculation is the scouts are eyeing Dallas keeper of the Crease Marty Turco or possibly a defenseman.

(*my point of view on this issue is – Dallas will not drop or trade Turco, Turco I am also positive does not want to leave Dallas either. But I do think Dallas could part with Norstrom if they are looking for a D-man. this would free up some big cap room for the Stars. Also since last season joining the Stars Matthias has not looked comfy in his present new team.*)


Forsberg just CANT do it !!!!

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Monday the long-awaited comeback of forward Peter Forsberg was derailed as quickly as it began. Forsberg left the first day of practice for Sweden’s national team after about an hour, saying his problematic ankle wasn’t holding up.

Forsberg has been up in the air about a possible return to the NHL, until he could test his unstable ankles in competition. Apparently, he didn’t pass his own test and afterward apologized to everybody who’d bought tickets for the tournament to see him play. He said he just realized he’d “made a fool of himself” and simply said: “I just can’t do it.”

Forsberg was scheduled to compete for Sweden in the Karjala Cup, a four-team international tournament that was supposed to give him an indication of whether he could play hockey again at the highest level.


4 Responses

  1. Get rid of Turco, I’d rather have the next Crosby or Ovechkin since it doesn’t matter if we make the Playoffs because Turco can’t stop anything anyway.

  2. whoa whoa whoa there son, Turks has shown he can win in the playoffs. did you not see last season playoffs. Three shutouts, and against one team in one series. this was not Turcos fault, the Stars bowed out in the first round becasue it was not able to score. hence why i said get rid of nordstom. even yet heres a list of others i would part with to bring in some scoring. hmmm: miettinen, lundqvist, fedourek, halpren, ott, and hate to say even barnes. maybe some lower round draft picks as well. nothing to high as this years draft class looks to be powerful

  3. 2 words that kill your rebuild and draft theory: draft lotto…
    yes, they are rigged… if gary bettman wants your team to have superstar A, you’ll get him… otherwise, tough luck…

    tell me crosby wasn’t the liferaft to keep an nhl franchise from being the 1st prosports franchise to collapse in over 40 years.

  4. I don’t care, trade mikey mo. Just get younger. This team owes the big JC a dime from when they all played in Jerusilum when Mikey mo was a rookie.

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