Captains Log Stardate #2

Greetings from a little town outside of Seattle.. Things I am still not used too as of yet

1. MNF starting at 5:30..

2. The Time Change.. No matter how hard I try.. I can’t seem to sleep past 6am.. My body is still on Dallas time..

3. The following question “Your not from around here, are you?” *shakes head*

4. The price for a pack of smokes.. $6.50 a pack plus tax

5. The price of gas $3.15 a gallon

6. Hearing “Hola Bitches” on the radio.. I kid you not.. there is a afternoon show on one of the really bad rock stations up here.. where the callers are required to say “Hola Bitches” when they call in.. and the D.J.’s  reply with  “Hola Bitches” I am finding myself missing The Ticket more and more with each passing day!

Hopefully with any luck.. I will be able to post some pictures tomorrow.. The ONE nice sunny day where I could have gotten some nice pictures.. My camera was left in the hotel room.. Couple of points of photo interest.. The destroyer, and aircraft carrier that are currently parked in the Pugent Sound.. And the view from a bridge I cross everyday.. I can’t tell you how nice it is to see snow covered mountains on my journey to work.. With any luck.. It will be some what nice tomorrow.. so I can get some pictures..

Word of advise.. Never eat “Mexican Food” in Washington.. Lets just put it like this.. Taco Bell is closer to Mexican Food.. then what I ate for dinner Sunday night.. Perhaps next time I am beaten down from traveling all day.. I should go ahead and venture to find food units in my car.. rather then just walking next door to wherever I am staying… *sigh*


10 Responses

  1. “Never eat “Mexican Food” in Washington.. Lets just put it like this.. Taco Bell is closer to Mexican Food.. then what I ate for dinner Sunday night..”

    Evidently, not enough illegals up in that corner of the left coast. Heh!

  2. *shakes head*

  3. seafood holmes!!! sushi and shit… good stuff, good for ya, and good FRESH!!! Have a salmon or spicy tuna roll for me,

  4. yeah right damage he wont eat any expect for the california kind, you member.

  5. LOL< What’s wrong with Taco Bell? Well, at least you have more than trees to look at on your way to work. I got trees.

    PS. you can get the ticket online and listen live can’t you?

  6. I have to have computer speakers to listen online sir!!

  7. go to the walmart and buy the small speakers you can plug into a walkman. they work, i’ve used them. 15 bucks or something close.

  8. taco beuno > taco cabana > tacos y mas > taco de feces > taco bell

  9. No way man! International House of Taco is way better the Good Taco!

  10. ok, the international house of taco is way better in some circumstances… like if you’re in san antonio… some of the ones up here are skanky. in addition, the price factor plays a roll… good taco is always fairly average and very cheap.

    damnit now i’m cravin some good mexican food… once ya get back lets go eat at matts!

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