Answer to Tues Trivia

Alright kiddos. sorry about the delay in getting you your answer. Yesterday was hockey guru’s moms birthday and today i had a interview. so here as promised is the answer to WHO AM I? I have sold out every game since being part of the NHL?

only one man got this right.
Congrats Liverdamage.

Yes folks the answer is : Minnesota Wild

so come back next tuesday as I will have a new trivia question for you to wrap your minds around.


2 Responses

  1. I was gonna guess the nashville predators or florida panthers for the hell of it…

    but yeah, some crazy number like 1/2 of Minnesota season ticket holders actually play hockey over once a week… i’ve always wondered why now all the love when they couldn’t sell out stanley cup final games in the latter years of the north stars.

  2. lol i wondered that same statement myself, but the only answer i could come up with was that old saying. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU GOT UNTIL ITS GONE. Plus the fact that Dallas won a cup probally really pissed off them minnesota folks dont cha know eh. lol

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