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So on the off chance you were on the moon, or live under a rock.. then you might not  know that the Yankees are in need of a 3rd Baseman.. for everyone else.. we all know about the A-Rod Sweepstakes..Seems the Marlins are willing to part ways with Miguel Cabrera for the right price.. Well he would be a good fit in New York.. He is young.. and all-star.. and a 3rd Baseman.. To bad the Yankees don’t want him… Well seems they are interested.. they just don’t seem to want to put together a good trade.. Kinda reminds me of someone I play fantasy sports with.. Try and trade you a bench full of bulls**t.. and want your stud players.. Anyway.. The Yankees don’t want to give up certain pitchers in this deal.. I’m gonna tell you right now.. If Mario Rivera can be tossed in on this deal.. What are the Yankees waiting for? Yes I understand he is one of the best closers in the game.. But lets face it.. if Rivera could bring you Cabrera.. the long term effects of that trade.. would be a win, win situation for the Yankees.. Just my opinion.. Don’t get me wrong.. I love Rivera.. most fantasy teams I put together.. he is a must for my bullpen.. I just think if the Yankees are doing any kind of rebuilding.. Its a smart move.. Strictly based on age.. and need at this time..

Also.. I’m sure that everyone is going to tell me to put my pipe down.. I am going on record right now to say that A-Rod ends up with the Dodgers.. Torre and A-Rod on the West Coast.. Talk about the ultimate One, Two Punch to the Yankees.. Once again… just my opinion!

Trade Talks


2 Responses

  1. 1) you can’t trade free agents… rivera is an unrestricted free agent.
    that reminds me… 2) all the cowboys fans can shut the hell up about trading julious jones too… the trade deadline has passed, and he will be unrestricted at years end… no way in hell they use a franchise tag on him. besides, the homers around here somehow thing we’re gonna get more than a bag of chips for him. yeah, right… like some retard gm is gonna trade a #2 for julious fucking jones.
    3) nobody is interested in forking over the $ for arod… not the mets, dodgers, or the redsox… the yankees are pissed (with good reason) so that ship has sailed… that leaves the giants and angels… arod’s value sinks by the day. i’m now expecting him to make somewhere around 20 million a season. don’t expect him to sign until VERY late.

  2. Your right.. I forgot Rivera was a free agent this off season..

    2. Let J.J. go.. use one of our draft picks to get a back.. But a bag of chips do sound pretty good lol..

    3. Dodgers!

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