This is sick…

(Sorry to get political again, but this is SICK)

Today we get this… a list of 6400 social and economical elite in the Dallas area that receive preferential treatment AT A FUCKING HOSPITAL!

So now, let me get this straight… assuming:

  • if you are lucky enough to actually have health insurance to get care at a hospital…
  • then if you are lucky enough to have your health insurance cover it…
  • then if you are lucky enough to be able to pay your deductible…

You’re clear right? You can now get into a hospital and get treatment… now you just need to hope someone more important than you isn’t getting a checkup. Your critical medical care is now being bumped down on the hospital’s priority list because you don’t have money and power. I’m sorry, Joe Q., that bullet in your torso needs to wait because Ron Kirk just came in with a sprained ankle.

Yeah, that’s a big overreaction on my part… I fully admit I went out of my way to exaggerate that senerio. How far do you think UT Southwestern Medical went out of their way, to create a list of six thousand four hundred people? Now, how much work did it take to put a system in place to make sure those six thousand four hundred people get their preferential treatment? Now please tell me this “preferential treatment” doesn’t amount to anything more than a personal greeting and free valet parking.

EDIT: Update… apparently the elite have their own emergency/hospital phone number to call also. Suddenly the Simpsons Stonecutters “real emergency number” 9-1-2 isn’t that far fetched.

EDIT #2: CBS has a nice video and article on it… and btw, the phone number is 214-645-7111. I expect that to be changed soon also.  They report that anyone on that list is jumped ahead of anyone waiting.  No indication was given if they were bumped ahead of time critical patients.


3 Responses

  1. Wow…The scary question is “How many other hospitals have a system set up like this?” I seriously doubt that this is the only hospital in Dallas that does this, and I doubt that Texas is the only state that has something like this either.

    ..I either need to become an elite real fast, or choose to never get sick…

  2. The PR guy for the hospital claims this goes on everywhere, and its simple business practice.

  3. *chants for Emmett to become elite*! 🙂

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