Someone Is Upset!


Lajitas sent this to me this morning.. I can not comment on this.. as I do not know what happened.. Texas/Texas Tech was not televised up in Seattle..

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Tech coach Mike Leach ripped game officials Saturday, suggesting the crew favored Texas, after the Longhorns beat the Red Raiders 59-43.

Without naming him, Leach noted that referee Randy Christal lives in Austin.

“I think it’s disturbing that Austin residents are involved in this. People work too hard, too long, there’s too much money invested in these games to allow that,” Leach said.

“Am I condemning the crew? Hell yeah, I’m condemning the crew,” Leach said.

Big 12 official spokesman Bob Burda did not immediately respond to telephone messages seeking comment. Leach’s rant will likely draw a fine from the league and possibly a suspension.

Leach was upset officials disallowed two Tech touchdowns in the third quarter. The first was overruled when video replay clearly showed the receiver let the ball hit the ground. On the next play, a touchdown pass was negated by a holding penalty. Leach also wanted, but didn’t get, a flag for roughing the quarterback.

“Unless this can change, the Big 12 Conference needs to take a serious look at having out of conference officials officiate the Texas Tech-Texas games and perhaps other games where there is proven to be a bias by officiating,” he said. “It’s unfortunate and does the bowl picture enter into it? I don’t know. Does the money enter into it? I don’t know.”

Leach’s rant lasted for several minutes.

“It may be incompetence, bias, I don’t know. Maybe it’s something as simple as guys sitting over the water cooler at their office in Austin talking about how the great game they’re going to see — and then perhaps a preconceived notion develops as to how it’s going to come out,” he said.

Asked if expects to be punished by the league for his remarks, Leach said, “I expect to be coaching. I don’t know what will happen but I’m not standing for this.”

*Lajitas Comment* 

Hey, Mike!! Quit crying!! Both replays clearly showed the calls were correct!! A: the ball hit the friggin’ ground in the end zone, and B: your guard virtually tackled the linebacker on the holding call!! Watch the game film before you go whining like a spoiled bitch!! Then go out and teach your team how to play defense!! You don’t lose for lack of points! You lose because the other team scores more points than you do!! Now carry your whining, swole-up, cabbage patch kid lookin’ self back to the windblown plains of west Texas and shut the hell up!!

 Life’s mostly scars and souvenirsLajitas


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  1. Mike Leach is playing the roll of the angry pirate.

    (I was unable to make a dirty joke on your fjord pictures, so there ya go.)

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