Slow Monday…

ick must have left more than his flannel in seattle… cuz less than 24 hours removed from a huge Cowboys win and not  even 1 post of “WOOHOO!”   In short, great game!  I love the way the offensive line is shaping up…

but thats not why I’m writing this… I’ve been in on the dog piling of Roy Williams.  The Giants aimed their whole offense at him (Eli even admitted it), and while he wasn’t very good in coverage, he wasn’t bad either… but man Roy made some great open field tackles.  Nothing that’ll make sportscenter, but the clutch tackles that prevented 1st downs.  Roy has officially shut up this armchair gm until further notice.  I can live with slightly sub par coverage if he’s as strong in all the other aspects of the game.


3 Responses

  1. I was really busy trying to put my office back together, from being gone..

    Points of interest

    1. Roy finally didnt suck.. All plays were in front of him instead of behind him..
    2. The Romo/T.O. combo looks Outstanding
    3. Patrick Crayton was productive
    4. The Giants did a great job of taking Jason Witten away from Romo
    5. Our offensive line looked Outstanding.
    6. Our defense is coming along nicely

  2. Tell the truth Ick….you were veggin’ on the couch, recuperating. LMAO

    Yeah yeah… I know, everything goes to hell in a hand basket when yer gone. :/

  3. Pretty much Kate.. got up.. took a shower.. and sat on my couch for a majority of the day 🙂

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