Week 10 Winner


You know.. We all suck!!! This week was horrible.. But ONE person sucks a little less then the rest of us.. Week 10 Winner was Lajitas!!!

Lajitas – 8

Jason – 7

Phil – 6

Steve – 6 *Just pick your games.. we don’t need the break down.. unless you might do better then 6 😉 *

Elvis – 6

Sean – 5

Johnnie – 4

As always.. Picks will be up later this week!


2 Responses

  1. OK Jay, I’ll break down my picks with Monday morning QB notes on myself.

    Atlanta @ Carolina (X) – Carolina will win a squeeker, possibly a FG or a TD but not much more.

    OK, I lost by TD. I called it a squeeker, this game should have gone to OT but somehow Joey freaking Harrington hit a guy in double coverage who broke the tackles and scored in the last 20 seconds of the game.

    Minnesota @ Green Bay(X) – Green Bay at home is always a good pick.

    Duh, can you say shutout?

    Denver(X) @ Kansas City – I’m not sure Priest is ready to carry them back to greatness just yet.

    Again, I’m right here and Priest IS getting closer.

    Buffalo(X) @ Miami – Hoping Miami keeps the perfect season alive.

    And again.

    St Louis @ New Orleans(X) – NO, but not because they are better but because it’s StL they’re playing.

    This is your typical trap game. A game you shouldn’t lose but you’re looking to your next opponent when you should be looking at this one. Again, lost by a TD.

    Cleveland(X) @ Pittsburgh – Cleveland just has the MOJO going. Go with it.

    What can I say? Rothlessburger brought them back in the 4th quarter. It happens, only by a FG did they squeek by. Still, Cleveland should have won this game.

    Jacksonville @ Tennessee(X) – Vince is still on a roll with butta.

    Tennessee got out played. They are a smash mouth team that couldn’t run the ball. J’ville played like men. Bad pick, I admit it.

    Philadelphia @ Washington(X) – Can I call a Tie? If not Washington.

    Phili scored 20pts in the 4th quarter. This was the most lack luster game of the year. I could care less who won and why. Westbrook has taken this team on his back but can his knees hold out? We know McNutt can’t.

    Cincinnati @ Baltimore(X) – Cinci’s inept ability to stop the run will have Willis feeling like a number one pick again.

    Trap game yet again. Baltimore looking ahead. I guess having their top 2 corners out didn’t help but where did Cinci’s D come from? This is the same team that gives up as many points as Dallas Scores every week.

    Detroit(X) @ Arizona – How can you argue with a team with 4 straight games of 40+ points and doesn’t get called out for running up the score?

    Kurt is good. Underestimated him and over estimated Detroit.

    Dallas(X) @ New York – This is a tough one but I’m not going to pick against my boys. Only win this one by 10-12.

    Does a pick get any closer? I said 10-12 and they won by 11. Perfect sir, just perfect.

    Chicago(X) @ Oakland – Greesehead might be the answer. DA Bears

    Once again, right. But, they were playing Oakland.

    Indianapolis(X) @ San Diego – when did Indy start playing D? Last years playoffs? Screw it, I’m rolling with them this week.

    Kicker choked and should have won this game. They held LT to 76 yards and 1 TD. They have the D and should have one this game ala Dallas v Buffalo.

    San Francisco @ Seattle(X) – Seattle the first team to 7-9 and win the division with a comanding lead.

    Right again. What can I say?

    In conclusion, my wins 6 were by a combined 99 pts. that’s 16.5 pts per game. My 8 losses were by a combined 67pts. That’s 8.38 pts per game.

    1 loss came in the last 20 seconds of a game. 2 were 4th quarter comebacks and 1 was a choked FG (missed 2 game winners by the way). That’s 4 games that could have swung my way. Only 3 of my picks were 2 or more scores out.

    J-dog, don’t hate because I can pick. Hate because 3 were really off.

  2. Yeah.. Ill keep that in mind *shakes head*

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