Follow Up to Stars GM getting AXED

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Well let me just start off folks with saying this came as a huge shocker on my end. Doug Armstrong was a very good GM while his tenure with the Dallas Stars. This is a wide jump from in what i consider changes being made to a struggling team. Usually the chain is coach, players dropped or traded, GM, and then President. Granite Tippet is a GREAT coach, but he needs to go back to running his 2-2-1 instead of this 3-2 that he is doing. Those of you who don’t understand the 3-2 is your 3 forwards advance into the zone as your 2 D men stay back and then join in once forwards have control in the zone. We often run a 2-2-1. meaning 2 forwards carry the puck into the zone while the 3rd stays in the neutral just in case a takeaway occurs leaving the one forward and two d men to defend. This is a neutral zone trap. Teams have beaten us because of the 3-2 where they can dump and chase against us. Partly this is players fault due to speed and being out of position and not enough hustle. The goalie core have been great but a being to look awful due to bad team play and not getting any support. I stated before the season Dallas needed one more veteran D man and one more winger who is a proven scorer. Due to team effort, which I am very sure the Stars know is the problem, we lost a good GM. Armstrong did however decide not to shop free agency and is probably seeing why he should have. I know we were trying to save money and such and try to copy the like of Rangers, Capitols and Penguins with its youth movement. These clubs succeeded because it got top youth players in the draft the past few years due to bad seasons and records. Dallas has always been a club in the hunt and that left us on the low end in draft years. So if you want to keep being on top you pay to play or you pay to rebuild. Rebuilding is hard because 9 times out of 10 the success rate is not good for a few years. So with Hull taking the reins i hope to see some roster moves, lines changes and maybe some trades brewing in the following weeks. Again Armstrong sorry our boys let you down and you had to face the chopping block.


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  1. Doug Armstrong turned a Nieuwendyk and Langenbrunner to Arnott, and turned Arnott to a overthehill injured Eric Lindros to a… well?

    Co-GMs? What the fuck? Terrible drafting gets rewarded?

    Jeff Cogen, Stars President?!? I’m glad I no longer live and die with this team.

  2. Sorry, E, Doug Armstrong seemed like a nice personality, but, overall, his record says he sucked.

  3. well well well. liver yes army tunred nieuy and langy to an arnott. this was a good trade at the time since nuiey was getting to old and and we thought we needed some young blood but this was not a two for one deal. we also got modry and a draft pick out of the trade. langy at that time was never going to get out of being a 3rd or 4th liner. trust langy was my boy. but the arnott into lindros, that was not a trade. lindy was brought on as a free agent and for a good price. if it panned out great if not it was not to big a lose. arnott did not resign because we did not offer or match the preds offer, plain and simple. that was a numbers game. as far as the co-gms this is just a saftey valve in case hull needs a lil help. i will assume he will be taking full reins and jackson is there as a trainer for said role. plus how do you figurer terrible drafting gets rewarded, the guys we have drafted in lower rounds have been great, but they are not high caliber types. more of them are team player types. like i said earlier on my chain lites would be next. lites is still with hicks interprises so he did not get axed just asked to step down. Cogen may do well, while he was in florida he did good things for the panthers and he was here back when the stars first moved.
    lastly for you my dear kelly. Armys’ overall record was great. no one wants to look at what happened in regular season play its always playoffs. we always make the playoffs, yes we had not advanced past the first round but there are teams so much worse. so please do your homework before making me have to make a comeback as such. LOL

  4. my point wasn’t for actual trading, newy->arnott->lindros… but the collection of talent on the team since the glory years of the stars… we’re talking about a the shift in a stocked 2 lines (starting at the center position) to 1 productive scoring line.

    i always liked hull… great sense of humor, and good knowledge of hockey in general… he may be a good gm, and he does need mentoring. BUT LES JACKSON HAS PUT TOGETHER SOME OF THE WORST DRAFTS IN THE NHL!!! HE IS THE REASON THE STARS SUCK!

    and Jeff Cogin did a wonderful job as Texas Rangers president the last 3 years… glad to see such wonderful “kwality kontul” still staying in the Hicks Sports Marketing Group.

    around the league, people consider dallas an undertalented team top to bottom… that is a result of the Doug Armstrong and Les Jackson combo…

    As much as I’d love to say Hicks is responsible for where the Stars are (or more appropriately aren’t) since 2002, I can’t. The cap is just about maxed and the roster is subpar. Hick (to date) has held up his end of the bargain when it comes to writing the checks.

    Hick’s decision on giving Les Jackson MORE responsibility and moving Jeff Cogin to president of the Stars will be where I will judge Tom Hick’s involvement. At least when it comes to the Stars, he’s been a good owner so far.

    Bob Sturm had a nice blog post about the stars today:

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