I know its a day a late, SUE ME. LOL

Anyways heres your trivia question for the week, answer will be posted on Friday to give people plenty of time to reply.


Who was the first player to post a hundred point season for an NHL team that recorded less than 20 wins?


11 Responses

  1. (My lawyer will be contacting you shortly.)

    my guess: Shane Churla? he he


  3. The answer is Liverdamage!

  4. I wouldn’t play on a team that has less than 20 wins… I’m demanding a trade

  5. Sorry Liverdamage.. You signed a contract.. and we *insert hockey team name here* Are going to make you honor this contract.. Who do you think you are Kobe Bryant???

  6. I’m officially on a holdout until I am traded to the EastDallas Liberals!

  7. Then you leave us no choice, but to fine you for each game you miss.. Enjoy your holdout!

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