T.O. Shows Up Big


Let me start by saying this.. The Cowboys had me worried all game yesterday.. A series of high snaps.. and being down by 3 at half time did not help.. It was nice to see them make the adjustments at halftime.. and the offense come out and execute! Romo and T.O. showed exactly why they are one of the most dangerous duo’s in the league..hooking up for 4 TD’s..  On paper, and with all the injuries at key positions the Redskins were dealing with yesterday.. They should have NEVER been in this game.. I wonder if Joe Gibbs and Jason Campbell have written out their thank you cards to the Cowboys defense.. For keeping the Redskins in the game yesterday.. Our defense stunk… Roy.. once again was Roy… we got very little  pressure on Campbell.. Newman and Ware were about the only bright points on the defense yesterday.. I’m glad to see the Cowboys get the win.. don’t get me wrong.. but I am looking ahead to the Green Bay game.. if our defense plays like they did yesterday.. Then Green Bay will have their way with us..

*Sidenote* It was pure greatness to see T.O. on defense for the last play of the game..  I’m also glad that all he did was just bat the ball away.. instead of going for the pick!!

Just my H.S.O’s


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  1. Should be a pretty good game when you guys play green bay…like the Colts/Pats of the NFC. I wonder how much hype ESPN will give the game…

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