Thanks For The Memories..


Priest Holmes announced his retirement today.. After battling hip injury in 2004, and then the neck injury that has kept him away from the game for the last 2 seasons.. It was really nice to watch him over the last few weeks.. but I always found myself wondering when he would get tackled.. would he get back up.. while Im sad to see him retire.. Im  glad to see that Priest realizes there is life after football.. and he is walking away from the game.. while he is still somewhat healthy.. I hope he stays around the game.. maybe as a broadcaster, *he cant be any worse the Emmitt*, or maybe a running back coach somewhere.. Thanks for the memories Priest.. You will be missed!

Some Stats from his career..

The Kansas City franchise’s all-time leader in total touchdowns (83) and rushing touchdowns (76), Holmes set a then-league record by scoring 27 times in 2003. That record has since been broken.

In 106 appearances, Holmes has carried 1,780 times for 8,172 yards and 86 touchdowns. One of the NFL’s premier all-around backs in his prime, the former University of Texas star also has 339 receptions for 2,962 yards and eight touchdowns. He has posted four seasons with 1,000 yards rushing, including three years with more than 1,400 yards.

Priest Retires

Longhorn’s Hall Of Honor


8 Responses

  1. I do disagree on one point. He was never a UT star. He was benched and replaced by then FB Ricky Williams.

    You will be missed Sir!

  2. I agree with that.. I didnt vote him into the Hall of Honor.. come to think about it.. I dont think they even asked me.. LOL… But never the less.. he was a fellow Longhorn.. so I had to go with a picture in his Longhorn gear!

  3. Every longhorn should be proud to play in the NFL. Even more so if they were a back up to what should have been the next coming of Jim Brown.

  4. Priest Holmes = spare… average runner behind the o best line since the early 90s cowboys… He’s Jamal Anderson with a better line but without the superbowl appearance. Seriously, Troy Hambrick would have been a pro-bowler behind that Chiefs o-line.

    (yeah, i went there… THAT MY FRIEND IS HOW YOU DO A HSO!)

  5. WOW!! Spare?? I would say above average.. not elite.. but certainly better then a spare..

  6. Let’s see…..there were a few running backs that ran behind K.C.’s offensive line that didn’t run as well as Priest. Doesn’t matter. My favorite P.H. moment is the score he had to ice the Big 12 championship game against Nebraska in ’96. Hook em, Priest!!

  7. s

    … watch some tape on those kc games… he was given an extra 3 yards leway than any other back over that time period. i’ll give ya this, he was in the top 1/2 of the leagues rushers when his prime years were…

    denver proves it, a great line and anyone rushes for those numbers… think if clinton portis had stayed in denver an extra 2 years… hes very average in washington, but ruled all when playing behind that denver line in its prime.

  8. Simply put…Priest Holmes= CLASS ACT!!!
    NFL needs more of these type of players.

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