10-1 Start


Cowboys start off 10-1 for the first time in franchise history.. Kinda hard to believe that in the 90’s, we did not do that.. with the powerhouse team we had.  Cowboys looked solid yesterday.. I understand its the Jets.. and they were 2-8 when they rolled into Texas Stadium.. It was nice to see the Cowboys dominate a game, they were supposed to dominated! I really can only find one problem with the Cowboys right now.. I’m sure Liverdamage can point out others.. I will leave the position breakdown, and Roy Williams rant to him for a later post..

SPECIAL TEAMS! Nick Folk, while *Hero for the Buffalo win*.. His kick off ability leaves something to be desired.. When were giving a team the ball at about the 8-10 yardline.. consistently.. and a average of 20 yard return.. Teams are starting a drive with pretty good field position.. Our coverage team has been getting somewhat shredded on a weekly basis also..

All and all, yesterdays win was nice.. I’m still concerned about when Green Bay rolls in here next weekend.. This game could determine home field advantage in the NFC thru the playoffs.. Question.. “How many of you Cowboys fans want to see the Cowboys playing in Green Bay in January”?? *looks around* I didn’t think so.. This game next week is huge! 2 Reasons..

A. Homefield Advantage in the playoffs..

B. Maybe, just maybe if the Cowboys can beat the Packers.. Then we wont have to hear about how great the Packers, and Brett Favre are every 5 minutes, on every channel.. The Packers are a good YOUNG team.. Playing really well.. do they deserve to be 10-1.. Prolly.. Favre isn’t throwing an interception every 8th play this year.. and the defense is really solid.. but Im growing tired of hearing about how wonderful and magical this season is for Favre.. ect ect ect.. Should be a good game next Thursday.. I hope the Cowboys defense shows up like they did yesterday..

*Did you know*? Brett Farve is 0-8 in Texas Stadium 😉


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  1. Heh. You should read some of the Wisconsin blogs about the game.

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