Showdown In Texas


The two “Gun Slingers” finally get the showdown we have all been waiting for.. I’m really glad to hear the experts refer to this game “as big as the Patriots/Colts”.. The NFC finally gets some respect. For years we have heard how weak the NFC is.. Not this year sports fans. Favre brings in his 10-1 Packers into Texas Stadium with somethings to prove.. his Packers are for real, and he can win in Texas Stadium.. As his record here is 0-8 in Texas Stadium.. Can this young Packers defense stop this high powered Cowboys offense led by Tony Romo?

Could this be the game where Tony Romo is lifted out of Bret Favres shadow? Probably not.. Romo still has a long road ahead of him before he can do that.. I think Romo is doomed to be compared to Favre for the rest of his career. Will T.O. be the dominate wide receiver we need him to be? Will the Packers have an answer for Jason Witten? Will Roy Williams continue to be Roy Williams? Who will get the pleasure of covering Donald Driver all game?

Lots of questions surround this game.. I have merely scratched the surface.. This will be one hell of a game.. I can say this with confidence thou.. If the Packers what an offensive shootout.. Bring it on! This Cowboys team has shown all season long, they can score from just about anywhere on the field.. and this offense is one of the best in the league!



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  1. I haven’t seen enough of green bay to make an educated breakdown of the game. I’m not sure either one is that great, but both are the class of the NFC…

    I’m looking forward to a great game.

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