Tom Hicks does it again…

As meatloaf says, 2 out of 3 aint bad… well I guess it is bad if now 2 fan bases out of your 3 teams hate your cheapskate ass.

Today, thousands of Liverpool fans are taking to the streets actually protesting Tom Hick’s ownership… IT DIDN’T EVEN TAKE HIM 1 SEASON TO PISS OFF THE FAN BASE…

To any futbol fans out there, I’m sorry to say you’re now getting to meet Bill Wirtz version 2.0… one of the greatest futbol teams ever is now gonna be a joke…

did i mention the rangers lost out on the tori hunter lotto?


2 Responses

  1. Did you see what the Angels paid in the Tori Hunter Lotto? 5/90 Million!!! Do you think Tom Hicks wants to pay that much for anyone?? Especially after the A-Rod, and Chan Ho Park fiasco? *ah the Chan Ho Park drining game.. still greatness next to the Bonzi drinking game.. We will miss out on Andruw Jones as well.. which I dont think would be to bad a thing to miss out on..

  2. The point is, the Rangers suck and aren’t getting better anytime soon…

    and while Tom Hicks tries to dupe the masses into thinking he’ll do what it takes to win in Texas, he’s redesigning the wheel on another hemisphere… a wheel he knows nothing about… the euro soccer transfer market is completely different than any sport in the states.

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