Thank You All

When I started Ick’s Corner back in August.. I didn’t know if it would be like my first attempt at a blog.. a COMPLETE FAILURE, atleast in my eyes..not very many readers.. So when my mother in law suggested I move my blog to wordpress.. I was kinda skeptical..  Now I admit I keep track of the hit stats on a daily basis.. I tend to get alittle excited when I see my daily hits take off.. I’m like a kid at Christmas.. I just wanted to thank everyone that stops by whether it be once a day, week, or month.. it means alot to me.. Its nice to know that people like what we are doing here at the corner! You guys keep stopping by, and we will keep writing!!


6 Responses

  1. *applause for Ick and his corner* 😉

  2. Nothing you do is ever a failure… but this one is going really well 🙂 I’m proud of you 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your blog and u know that I luv it b/c I get 2 enjoy the blogs about college…so keep up the great work…u are truly a great sports writer…..:)

  4. kick liverdamage from the writing crew… he’s nothing more than a foul mouthed alcoholic!

  5. We love our foul mouthed alcoholic for what he brings to the table! Liverdamage stays!!!

  6. You have done well, Grasshopper!

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