Rogers Stays A Tiger


This makes me extremely happy! Kenny Rogers signs a 1 year $8 Million dollar deal to stay a Tiger.. Im really glad to see that the Rangers did not bring him back.. If they are bound and determined to bring a veteran pitcher in, to help mentor the younger pitchers.. surely they can find someone else other then Rogers..

Now before the great SLASC starts bashing me.. Rogers was productive while in Texas.. but as Ren has stated.. and I kinda agree with him.. He is a junk baller now.. I just don’t really see what he has to offer up and coming pitchers.. You know.. with the extra $21 Million Tom Hicks put back in his pocket from the A-Rod opt out, why aren’t the Rangers in the Santana lotto? Oh yeah, that’s right.. Tom Hicks and the Rangers aren’t really serious about building a winning franchise.. I almost forgot! 😉


8 Responses

  1. EIGHT? MILLION? DOLLARS? For what? Has this clown cured cancer by throwing and whacking at a ball? Horse manure! Total horse manure!

    Now you know why I have lost all interest in sports, Ick. Criminy.

  2. have you lost interest in movies too? i’m pretty sure matt damon makes lots more money, does less work, and cures no cancer. how about losing interest in music…

    i’m not sure the rolling stones found a cure for aids, but they make 750 million bucks for an album and tour.

    atheletes are entertainers just like actors/actresses, musicians, etc.

  3. I don’t pay to go to the movies either. Most of ’em they are putting out these days are pure crap. Besides, if I really want to see something, it’ll be on HBO, or Starz, or…. And I wouldn’t give ya 2 cents to see the Stones, even back when they weren’t embalmed. Heh.

  4. *shakes head* Im not even going to get in the middle of an Ol Broad/Liverdamage debate! *goes back to corner, with popcorn to watch*

  5. oh, i wasn’t upset or anything, it wasn’t a shot at kate…

    and i’m not saying the athletes aren’t making too much money (they most certainly are)… but so are the owners, and other entertainers, ceo’s, your health”care” provider, etc…

    the problem i have is not specifically with any one of them (a specific ‘fuck you’ to healthcare criminals though) but more of a general problem with the social greed running rampant in our society. while i won’t go into it on a sports blog comments post, i think its unfair to single out 1 profession out of the hundreds that lie, cheat, steal and kill to get a get a little more.

  6. *checks pockets* “i’ve got.. uhmmm… 76 cents on mom to take out the drunken one in the.. hmmm… 2 round… (gotta give him a little credit)… hehehe

  7. I’ll put a bunch on the drunken one going down much sooner than round 2…

  8. Ill put $1.58 on the drunk one to make it out of the first round! *looks around to borrow $1.58 from someone*

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