Yankees Close!


Well if you are a reader of the corner.. you might remember a post I wrote in early November about Johan Santana hanging up his Twins uniform, and heading out.. In same said post I made the comment.. “For some reason I see him heading to the East Coast” Seems that statement was not to far fetched… The Yankees are about to land one hell of a stud pitcher.. The Yankees and Twins have a deal on the table for Santana… and sources close to the Yankees feel they will sign Santana.. This is a very scary thought going into next season..

Number one problem with the Yankees last season.. PITCHING! The Rocket was a major disappointment.. Mussina was up and down.. This bullpen is in need of a signature stud pitcher.. Santana provides that.. If Rivera comes back.. This bullpen will be dynamite.. Wonder if the Yankees have contacted Eric Gagne yet??



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