Im Not Alone


I am happy to report that I have not received any hate mail from any irate Ohio State fans as of yet.. While reading my normal places this morning on the web, I ran across this article.. Seems I am not alone, and after reading this.. I have no doubts in my mind that I am correct when I  said  Ohio State has no business playing for the National Championship game. For anyone one that feels I’m wrong, please read this article and pay close attention.. Fairly sure all of you will read in this article what I said last night in mine.  I missed Ohio State’s non conference game against 4-9 Washington.. that was a hell of a win *yeah right* I agree with the final comment in this article..

“You shouldn’t need a computer to tell you that, for one year at least, the Big 12 was bigger than the Big Ten. Then again, I look forward to my vindication on Jan. 7 in New Orleans, where the second-ranked team will finally win a game.”


2 Responses

  1. Probably won’t come with any hate mail, but there’s a Buckeye grad in Missouri that is rethinking his will as your blog is read to him!!

  2. Hey now.. lets not get crazy.. And for my sake, lets home Uncle James Franklin skips this post 😉

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