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With the Heisman being awarded Saturday.. I’m kinda curious what you guys think? I was reading an article a few minutes ago that breaks down 4 of the finalists.. Kinda interesting reading.. 

 Colt Brennan, while he had an incredible passing season yet again.. Hawaii just doesn’t have a schedule to help his cause in the voting.. Interesting point from the Article.. Brennan had outstanding numbers this year.. So did Texas Tech’s Grahm Harrell, and Tech beat OU this year..

 Tim Tebow… Has made a strong case for himself this year.. Has Thrown 29 touchdowns, and ran for 22 more.. First player in college history to do this.. I really can’t believe that even with as run happy as Vince was.. he never did this.. Florida had a fairly good schedule.. but Tebow is a sophomore.. Wonder if the voters will hold this against him?

Chase Daniels .. Has really made a strong case for himself this year..  70% passing this year.. 30+ Touchdowns thrown.. 10 interceptions.. Pretty damn good… Stuck it to Kansas.. Thank God! Wouldn’t want to Jayhawks to go undefeated, and then listen to the Jayhawk fans all the way in Dallas bitchin and crying about not getting a shot at the National Championship game.. Talk about a bigger EXCUSE ME?!?! then Ohio State.. I’m pretty sure Chase Daniels was looking like a lock for the Heisman, up until the beat down handed to Missour by OU last weekend..

Darren McFadden.. Talk about a workhorse! 1700+ yard rushing??? Need I say anymore.. Other then “Why did you go to Arkansas”?  If he does not win this year, I would blame a 4 loss Arkansas season.. 1700+ yards *shakes head* Please come play for the Cowboys?? Hold please! *emails Jerry Jones.. Sell the farm to the Dolphins for that number one draft pick!!! Give them Julius Jones,  Terry Glenn, or Patrick Crayton, 2 first round draft picks, and a bag of practice balls* Signed Desperate fan of getting Marion Barber some help in the back Field!

I leave it to you the readers.. Who will be getting the hardware this weekend???

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  1. You know before I went back and looked at McFadden’s career, I was sold on Chase Daniels. However, looking at McFadden (and the fact that he should have won last year in my opinion), I think the voters should give him the coveted trophy! Course I do agree with you, if McFadden doesn’t win it will be because of the Razorbacks four losses this season. 😉

  2. once again you can’t trade julius jones… THE TRADE DEADLINE HAS PASSED AND HE IS A FUCKING FREE AGENT AT YEARS END… now, i suppose you put the franchise tag on him, then you can trade him… of course that is supposing somebody wants to pay him the 7.5ish million a year the franchise tag would entitle him to… (fuck, i’d give away 2 1st rounders to get out of that contract!)

    Terry Glenn hasn’t played this year, and even when he was really good he was only worth a 6th rounder… how much value do you think he has now on an open market now? Really, do people really think these PRO TEAMS don’t have SCOUTS that know the value of average or damaged merchandise?

    i hate when the cowboys are good and the idiots come out of nowhere and act like they know what they are talking about. I swear i heard someone say this: “why don’t we trade Tyson Thompson and a 2nd rounder for Bob Sanders to help our secondary?” SIT THE FUCK DOWN, ENJOY THE FUCKING GAME, AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!


  3. btw, that rant wasn’t directed at you… cowboys “fans” have been getting under my skin…

    ok, well the j jones part was directed at you… nothing personal though *he he*

  4. Tyson Thompson and a 2nd Rounder for Bob Sanders??*excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor from laughing*
    As far as J.J. I know he is a free agent at the end of this season.. I was applying the franchise tag in my senerio.. J.J. has been here 4 years now and turned in 1, 1000 yard rushing season.. Sure we got Ware and Spears out of passing up on Stephen Jackson.. but man J.J. just isnt the answer..

    Do you feel the cowboys have that dynamic 1, 2 punch in the backfield?? Say like Bush/Deuce.. before Deuce got hurt? We have the 1 = Barber.. but the 2 is just not there..

    Now McFadden and Barber = K.O. in the first round!

  5. there is no way to get mcfadden… if cleveland tanked this year, then yes… that was our only shot at him… but it would seriously cost ALL of this draft’s 1st day picks and a next year’s #1 and #3.

    you simply can’t move up from 2 picks in the 20s-30s to #1 overall without giving up the farm.

    besides i’m sure miami is thinking
    “ok, so we can either:
    A) take a shot at drafting a player who has hall of fame potential, or
    B) we can take 2 late first round prospects and 2 average (at best) players we currently have no need at their respective position.
    I think B is the best option, because we’re so close to winning a championship”

  6. be an armchair GM here for a second…

    Dallas has 2 late #1s and is in great cap shape…
    REALLY needs solid corner back help
    1 hole at safety (hamlin is free after this year, if they can resign him then its a moot point)
    1 running back that could use an upgrade
    1 hole at linebacker (yet solid depth)
    1 wr spot that can be improved
    needs some offensive line depth

    aside from that, they don’t need much… ok, so you

    A ) can give away the farm for mcfadden and any WR depth you have OR
    B) you can sign micheal turner, a young veteran and proven back for less money (#1 overall get 10 mil a year) and no serious draft compensation as he was franchised this current year… then take a corner and the best available player (or trade down for another future #1 and a current#2&#3).

    what sounds better? I’m thinking B for the longterm health of the team that now has a franchise QB to fill in holes and fill up depth… no reason to go for broke on 1 player when you could build a dynasty if you played your hand correctly… i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but jeff ireland has kicked ass getting talent in the draft…

    in addition, when was the last elite back the reason someone won a championship… marshall faulk in 99 comes to mind… aside from that, it ranges from averagely bad to averagely good championship backs.

  7. Ok.. Looking at money, and other positions the Cowboys need.. most of all in the secondary I see your point.. We could sell the farm to get a chance at McFadden.. and potentially shoot ourselves in the foot in a few years.. being in cap hell.. and no draft picks.. Round one to Liver Damage..

    Now Mashall Faulk was not the reason the Rams won in 99.. Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk.. and others had a hand in it.. Pretty sure Holt was on that team as well..

    Tomlinson was that kinda back when he hit the league.. and he was a big reason the Chargers were so dangerous last year.. Its not his fault that they stink this year.. 😉

  8. I think you are underrating the greatness of Faulk.

    Faulk was the engine that ran the Rams offense. He was a big reason Warner was so damn good those years (i DO think Warner is a highly underrated qb though). 1st off, Faulk was the best west coast offense rb to ever play… 2nd, he was great as a pure runner, 3rd he was effective as a blocker but he was great as a chip-then-hot read reciever.

    Look at Mike Martz offenses without Faulk. Martz is like spurrier in that he will run no-protect schemes 20 times a game. When Faulk was on the field, even with 4 wide no-protect the defense HAD to be honest, as a result they couldn’t smear Warner every 4 plays.

    we’re getting off topic though… don’t sell the farm for mcfadden.

  9. Im not underrating the greatness of Faulk.. Faulk was a hell of a running back, he could catch out of the backfield.. He was the man!

    Ok, so we can’t sell the farm for McFadden.. but you cant deny the fact it sure would be nice for him to be in a Cowboys uniform..

  10. Not sure what all the debate on selling the farm to get McFadden is about, because the question was about who’ll win the Heisman. Never the less, I would give the trophy to McFadden. Tebow’s had a great year, no doubt. So has Chase. And as for Colt Brennan, I don’t care who they played, they still went undefeated. That’s no easy chore now days (ask Michigan, USC, etc). And you still have to throw the ball acurately to put up the kind of numbers that he did. And, yes, Grahm Harrell put up those kind of numbers, but since you mentioned 4 loses by Arkansas when talking about McFadden, seems like that’s the same number of losses that Tech had. Kinda shows why football is a TEAM game, doesn’t it? Another player that had a great year was Kevin Smith of Central Florida. Yes, they play in Coference USA, but he put up tremendous numbers. And what if Dennis Dixon hadn’t blown out a knee? Wouldn’t that have made an interesting Heisman race? And by the way, in the early days of the Heisman, a Golden Domer won it in a year that N.D. only won three games. Don’t tell me that the voters don’t get caught up now days by all the won/loss hype that ESPN’s experts holler about! Everyone going to New York had a great season, but I’d still give it to the Pig. And I don’t even like the boys from the Ozarks.

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