Eric Rivera, the alleged shooter in the Sean Taylor, burglary gone wrong wants to work out a deal with the prosecution? He admist no wrong doing? His lawyer, and himself want to minimize the impact of this case on Taylor’s family?? ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME?

Lets break this down shall we

1. I admit no wrong doing.. I wasn’t there and don’t know how that gun got in my hand to pull the trigger.. Riiiiiiiiight

2. I want to work out a deal with the prosecution.. Please don’t send my dumb ass to jail for the rest of my life, or better yet put me to death for my stupid actions..

3. We want to minimize the impact on the family.. That easy Mr Rivera.. You and your friends  should not have broken into his house and shot him!!

You know, I’m not a friend, or family member, and honestly the only reason I know who Sean Taylor is, I watch football.. but this right here makes my blood boil.. I can only imagine what its doing to people who lost a friend, or a loved one the day Taylor died..

The other 3 have been denied bail.. so lets hope the judge doesn’t buy into this BULLSHIT.. and gives this lil bastard what he deserves!

Sean Taylor

One Response

  1. What a crock!! If he wasn’t there, and didn’t pull the trigger, why is he trying to work out a deal? Must have been riding in the same car as Travis Henry! Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, dickhead!!

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