Bonds* First Day In Court


As who most consider the “Poster Boy” for steriods enters a San Fransisco court house today, just days before the Mitchell investigation is released.. loyal Giants fan hang around outside hoping to catch a glimpse of Barry Bonds*, and his dream team of lawyers. Bonds* entered a not guilty plea to perjury, and obstruction charges.. as we all knew he would.. I think the biggest question on my mind as I read this article,  why could the government not sped this process up alittle.. Perhaps keeping the most sacred record in all of sports untainted! Also what does the government have now, they didn’t have a year ago, or even six months ago?? I don’t really know whats more of a joke.. Major League Baseball allowing Barry Bonds* to make a joke of the sport.. or the 15 day suspensions being handed down for being on the clients list of the clinic in Florida that is current under investigation for selling steroids/HGH..


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