Bush Hurt?


Reggie Bush has a partially torn ligament in his knee.. that could either limit his action come Monday night against the Falcons.. Or ever worse.. he could be out.. Sean Payton says its to early to tell if he is going to be out for the season.. With Deuce already gone for the season, if Bush follows.. that will kill this Saints team.. Bush has been about average  this season.. out of the backfield, only rushing for 581 yards, with 417 yards receiving.. Sophomore slump? Are defenses ready for him this year? Or is he overrated? Me personally.. I think its a combination of the 3.. but that’s just me.. Reggie Bush.. hell of an athlete.. not designed to be a dominate running back in the the NFL.. 1000 all purpose yards.. average when you come into the league with this much hype!


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