Congrats Phil & Tracie


So, as I stated in an earlier post this week. We here at Ick’s Corner have been busy getting ready for a wedding all week. Well today was FINALLY the day.. Phil and I meet up about 8:15 this morning to do breakfast.. and run a couple of errands.. Getting back to his house about 9:30 or so.. We then proceed to do NOTHING.. fiddle around on the computer.. watch a movie, you know all the things you should be doing on the day of your wedding.. At one point about 10:30 or so, I turn to Phil and say “You know, either we are just that good, or something is going to go horribly wrong.. we have to much free time on our hands” He replies with.. “Lets go over the list one more time”. So after going over the list again.. we discover.. yes ladies and gentlemen.. we are just that good! We had been taking care of things here and there all week.. so come the big day.. it was easy street.

We head up to the church… after getting dressed I ask Phil, “Hey, where is Brian” *one of the groomsman* Only to be told don’t ask! I knew it was to good to be true.. a wedding day, where there are no problems.. Brian was running late.. *shakes head*.. Brian shows up with about 8 minutes left to spare, before we had to take our places.. Brian does his best Superman impression, and heads to the bathroom.. 4 1/2 minutes later.. we have a fully dressed groomsman, ready to go!! *Thank You*

I would have to say, all and all.. it was a beautiful wedding.. No major snags.. Actually the smoothest wedding, I have ever been a part of, or been to.. I was extremely happy, and honored to be chosen as the best man.. Even thou I couldn’t start my speech at the reception how I wanted to.. *Looks at Tracie* 🙂

Here is one of the Groom and Best man.. More pictures to come once I upload them all, and create a link.. which will not happen tonight, I am one tired person!



8 Responses

  1. OMG they look awesome. I’m glad that everything went well, and I’m sorry I missed it… Best wishes to the lucky couple.

  2. […] Ick, (on the right) should have known I’d have to swipe this and post it for all the world to see! […]

  3. Damn!!! We look great. That is an amazing pic.

    Jason, that picture of you and me ain’t bad either.

    Tracie and I really appreciate all of your help with the wedding. I could not have picked a better best man.

    I have been ordered by the new wife to say she does not regret you not using your original intro for the speech. 😛

  4. No worries Phil.. it was my pleasure.. now to the new wife all I have to say is 😛
    Im also going to put all the pictures we have on a disc for you guys 🙂

  5. You clean up good, dude!

  6. Tracie is very excited about the disk. She absolutely loves the picture of us up on the blog.

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