Cowboys Win Division!


Dallas pulls a win out by the skin of their teeth in Detroit today.. If your a Cowboys fan, have you pulled yourself off the edge of your seat yet? For the first 3 and a half quarters this Cowboys team looked lost.. Especially the defense.. This Lions offensive line is the worst in the league.. should have been a John Kitna feast.. instead.. For one game.. the Lions offensive line looked like the Patriots offensive line. The Cowboys blitz and pass rushers were laughed at. Roy Williams should just be benched for the season.. We were real lucky that two pass interference calls were not called.. one being on Roy in the endzone!

I used to defend Roy when Liverdamage would start bashing him.. Liverdamage would point out all his coverage flaws.. I would point out the fact that he could tackle, and was a big hitter.. I no longer can defend you Roy.. Your coverage stinks.. you have forgotten how to tackle.. and your big hits are few and far between this season *hands Roy tackling and coverage for dummies * I’m really surprised someone has not just punched him square in the mouth, because everytime Roy gives up a big play, or gets beat in coverage.. He throws his hands up in the air, and starts calling other players out on the feild.. Must be their fault Roy stinks this year! Hats off to Mike Martz for giving this defense fits.. Kitna was about 18 seconds away from giving this Cowboys defense the finger, after all the trash talking this weekend.. Thank God for Jason Witten.. Yes he did fumble at the goal line late in the forth, trying to make a last minute effort to get the ball to break the plain of the goal line.. but hey.. you wouldn’t love Witten unless he made every effort! Never the less.. Blowout or Nailbitter.. The Cowboys clinch the division..

Exactly 1 hour after the game, I had my Division Championship hat.. and Cheyenne was more then happy to model it for a picture 😉


8 Responses

  1. Uh huh… where’s MINE?

  2. I shall secure you one before you venture this way 😉

  3. Cheyenne looks somewhat annoyed in that picture…

    …and that hat is only a few sizes too big.

  4. it was the third picture taken.. and she was standing on the couch! lol..

  5. Excellent!

    Now, make sure that dress is in the crapper before I get there, K? LOL

  6. She loves that dress.. Ill let you two talk about that one 😉

  7. Congratulations to you guys. You clearly are the best team in the NFC. And I’m not convinced that you guys wouldn’t give the Pats a good run for their money, if/when you play them again.

  8. Why thank you Emmett.. We got extremely lucky yesterday.. Thank God Roy Williams was out! He would have really torched this defense with the lack of pass rush, and soft secondary!

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