Go Cowboys!


With a Cowboy win today they clinch the division.. Hopefully this Cowboys defense will not take any unnecessary penalties today.. as they are fired up to get some payback for some Kitna comments. Incase you don’t know the story.. After the Lions win last year.. Kitna went on a radio station in Seattle, and blasted the Cowboys defense.. and called out certain players.. Example Bradie James.. Terrence Newman has already been warned by the league that he will be watched today, after his comments saying he has 25K sitting in the bank ready to pay any fines he is given by the league for taking a shot at Kitna..



2 Responses

  1. Talk about winning by a nose. Sheesh!

  2. Looks like they went to the Roy Williams school of defense.

    Step 1, somebody say something true about you sucking…

    step 2, get so mad you forget how to tackle correctly and take bad lanes to the ball holder…

    step 3, get more mad about the fact you’re now losing… go to step 2.

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