Vick’s Sentence


Michael Vick was sentenced this morning for his involvement in Bad Newz Kennels, and  dogfigthing.. I really did not think he would receive the maximum jail time being 5 years.. I am kinda interested how the judge came up with 23 months.. When the rest of his so called friends got between 12-18 months.. Guess when your the biggest name in the case, and financed the whole operation.. You get the stiffer sentence.. Along with his 23 months in jail, comes the 3 years probation.. and I’m almost sure, since he had a failed drug test a few months back.. Random drug tests will almost be guaranteed!

Vick’s career is still up in the air.. Goodell has till late 2009 to figure out if he wants to reinstate Vick, or have him continue his suspension.. If this is the case.. Vick would have been away from the game for 3 years.. Would be awful tough to come back from a 3 year break.. Ricky Williams had an 18 month vacation, for his 4th substance abuse violation, while active in the Canadian Football League..  Rickys comeback was cut short by injury this season.. Then you have to factor in.. what team around the league will want the P.R. nightmare that would come from signing Vick?

I was watching a segment on ESPN late last night, that had a story about Vick.. I almost laughed when I saw this.. The writer says that Vick is a “product of his enviroment he grew up in”??  Excuse me?  So basically, what you want us to believe is that Vick didn’t know what he was doing was wrong? Common sense must not exist in low incomes, urban areas.. Thanks for clearing that up, DUMBASS!  Vick may have been exposed to dog fighting, and other shady activities growing up, but don’t tell me his god given ability to throw a ball 60+ yards down the field, and run like the wind wasn’t his ticket out of that enviroment?? It was enough of a ticket to get him a full ride scholarship at Virginia Tech, which opened the door to being the 1st over all draft pick in 2000. Vick had strong role models growing up, Coaches and people that wanted him to leave the “street life” behind.. and make something of himself.. It was Vick’s inability to leave his friends, and his roots behind him, along with some other poor decision, that landed him where he is today..

I really hope when Vick’s lawyer gave his speech this morning.. and stated “Michael will use this as a learning experience, and grow as a person” it wasn’t just some P.R. crap.. and Michael actually does use this time take a good hard look at not only himself, but the circle of people in his life.. Hopefully he can find the most important answer.. to the most important question.. “Why are these people in my life, are they here to help me, or hinder me?”



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  1. That’s a real good question for everyone to ask themselves.

  2. He actually got a tougher sentance than I expected he would get, and I think that is a good thing. I also think he will never again play in the NFL, and if he does it will be simply as a kick returner. When he gets out it will have been 3 years since he last threw a pass, and then he still has to worry about Goodell dropping another suspension, perhaps even a lifetime ban. This guy was given every opportunity to succeed in life, and in guys like Frank Beamer, and Arthur Blank, he had men in his life he could turn to for positive guidance. There are a lot of guys in the NFL who have come from piss poor backgrounds to really make something of their lives. Donald Driver, & Warrick Dunn to name a couple. You may not choose the life you grow up in, but you damn sure have a choice as to which life you want to lead once you are able. If I was given 100 million for being a below average QB in the NFL, I think I would choose the life that doesn’t involve Jail. Hopefully it will be a very longtime before someone as gifted, and fortunate completely pisses away their future like this…the cynic in me though says not a chance.

  3. I couldnt agree more Sean.. He had every chance to make a better life for himself.. and you hit the nail on the head about being a below average QB! lol

  4. Vick got a tougher sentence because of three things: 1) if not for his money, there would have been no Bad Newz Kennel, 2) he wasn’t truthful about his invovement in the outset of the investigation, and 3) he failed a drug test at a time in his life that he should have been walking the straight and narrow path. Product of his invironment? Yea, right. Too weak minded and too much belief in all the hype he was fed in college and in the pros. For every Michael Vick, there are dozens of stories about athletes who make good coming from broken homes, single parents, and crime riddled streets. Go sell the “poor Vick” theory to someone in the old hood, Mr. Reporter and Mr. Lawyer. This ‘ol boy ain’t buyin’!! And below average is giving him the benefit of being compared with the likes of Ryan Leaf.

  5. Nobody had more opportunities to overcome his “environment” than Michael Vick. He had a gift for a sport and used it to finance atrocities. He should’ve gone down for the whole five years, and any team that would consider him when he gets out of jail would be making a huge mistake. Jail isn’t going to change him or teach him anything — it’ll just reinforce the lousy human being he is.

  6. Great comment Tigereye! I couldnt agree more.. Lajitas, Sean, yourself, and my opinion on the matter are right on target! I heard Jerry Jones on my local sports talk radio this morning talking about Vick.. and the sad thing is in some of what he was saying he left it open that he could be interested in signing Vick when he is done with his legal problems.. I would have to find a new team to support if that day ever came! I bleed blue and silver, with some burnt orange mixed in.. but I can not support the signing of Vick by my beloved Cowboys! Jerry Jones has made a career of taking a chance on troubled players.. Example T.O., and Tank Johnson.. he also stood behind Michael Irvin with all his drug/media problems.. but Vick is a whole other story! Now before people ask me whats the diffence between Irvin and Vick.. allow me to explain.. Irvin never spent more then one night in jail at any given time..Irvin also never had groups picketing outside Texas Stadium.. Vick has pissed everyone from his team, to PETA off with his actions.. Irvin was merely a P.R. headache.. Vick is a P.R. nightmare! Irvin also had a hall of fame career.. Even if Vick had not been involved in dogfighting.. he was a below average QB with running back speed and running ability.. He would have NEVER been a hall of fame player! Hometown hero at best!

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