Attention Rangers Fans


If your a Texas Rangers fan, I’m about to save you alot of pain and heartache next season.. lean in alittle closer.. whispers *Your Rangers have no interest in contending for the West next year* I know, I know, I’m just as shocked as you are.. I figure if you know the truth, then next season won’t hurt so much.. You will have no expectations.. no hopes at a run..

Your Texas Rangers first sign in the off season was Milton Bradley.. Lets refer to him as band-aid #1 shall we, because lets face it.. its the first band-aid signing of the year.. “We have a wound in center field, we need a band-aid” For those of you who don’t follow Ranger baseball.. let me see if I can explain how the signings have gone.. Liverdamage.. chime in if I miss anything..

 The farm system stunk here a few years back.. but with all the trades that John Daniels has done over the years.. the farm system is stocked.. and we now have players that are 1 – 3 yrs away from the big leagues.. The Rangers sign somewhat big names players for the bare minimum they can get them for.. Example $500,000 1 year deal with Sammy Sosa last season.. Once they have these players.. they hope to get them productive.. so that way when July comes around.. then they are used for trade bait.. for? You guessed it.. more prospects for the farm system.. If there are no takers in July.. we keep them around, and let them go at the end of the season..

Now in say 5 years or so.. if the Rangers had a team that was in contention.. and that competed every season.. John Daniels would be considered a genius for the way he was able to build this team for little to no money.. Assuming he is still here.. Problem is.. You have to spend money on free agents.. not just band-aids.. Getting a couple of players from your farm system is one thing.. but trying to avoid signing anyone in free agency for longer then a season.. not very productive.. You will never have a contending team that way.. You have Michael Young.. there is your franchise player to start building your team around.. but please don’t be afraid to spend some money, because of mistakes in the past like A-Rod, and Chan Ho Park..

Bradley Deal


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