From Falcon To Razorback!


Bobby Petrino is yet another college coach that leave the NFL to go back home to the college ranks.. Petrino accepts a $3 Million dollar a year deal to become the new head coach at Arkansas.. With Michael Vick in prison.. Petrino jumping ship.. Chris Redding the  starting QB.. Aurthur Blank just can’t catch a break this season! The Falcons find themselves 3-9 and with alot of questions to answer. In the words of Liverdamage about midseason of his fantasy football league.. “Its time to rebuild for next year” 😉


4 Responses

  1. what a pussy… couldn’t hack it 1 fucking year. did jimmy quit after his historically bad 1st year?

    how exactly are players expected to play every second as hard as they can when a coach will bail on his team after 3/4 of a season.

    vick may be a sad excuse for a human but at least he has a spine… hell, little league coaches teach “never give up.” i guess that lesson isn’t taught at the pro OR college levels.

  2. You know what is really sad.. Last night the announce team had Blank up in the booth.. and he was giving nothing but praise to Petrino.. and even made the comment he could not wait to see what he does with the team next year.. I hope Blank likes watching college ball.. cause thats the only way he will see what Petrino does with a team next year! *shakes head*

  3. Petrino should be branded with a big red “Q” on his forehead. I’ve never seen such an act of cowardice in all my years of watching sports. If you had a son who was thinking of going to Arkansas (first of all his head wouldn’t be right anyway), how good would you feel about sending him off to be under Bobby’s watchful eye? Would he still be there when your son was a senior, or would your son have to play under a new coach and system in his final years. Yes, the Falcons suck, but stick it out, you weasel!! You got paid big bucks for signing on, so earn your keep. Guess he’d rather go slop the hogs.

  4. Hey u all can go fuck yourselfs

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